Trip "Harazuru Onsen and simple meal served for a drinking party" & "Dazaifu sightseeing and Komyoji temple of colored leaves"

Trip "Harazuru Onsen and simple meal served for a drinking party"

&"Dazaifu sightseeing and Komyoji temple of colored leaves"

Until 2020, April.April20 Day Tour         

After breakfast, starting at Hotel 9:00= Harazuru Onsen bathing /

banquet dishes lunch adhering to = Dazaifu sightseeing /

visit komyoji Tenple of a famous little-known spot of colored leaves.=

fukuoka Hotel Monteellemarna arival 18:00

Image phot 

 Departure Place:Fukuoka  Hotel Monteellemarna

The one day trip to price: The 19,000 yen

A day trip : participant 20 pax +1T/C

 microbus use trip conditions: The minimum running staff: 20 people

breakfast: 0 times of / lunch: Once / dinner: 0 times                         

A tour conductor (English OK): Available  A local person in charge: None

The expressway charges / parking fee is necessary separately 




|カテゴリー:Tales of Kyushu Traveling
Fukuoka neighborhood tour 8 days

Fukuoka neighborhood tour 8 days

It is the recommended course around the country of

the Kyushu Fukuoka neighborhood that I caught in

a foreign glance! Please enjoy the best hospitality

and culture, nature, a meal!

※I make the course depending on hope. Please inquire

for the rate.

  After noon arrival to Fukuoka AP Meeting AP

By exclusive car to the hotel of the city center.

Supper after meeting at Hotel ※Supper:Invite to a stand


 Daylong: Hakata Fukuoka-Sightseeing

Fukuoka is the largest city in the Kyushu area.

It is said that various kinds of cultures came about due

to large amount of trading with Eastern Asia for centuries.

Fukuoka is known as the origin of Japanese green tea,

soba, udon, and manjyu. Highlights Comprehensive tour

by bus/coach Flexibility to customize your itinerary to

your own preferences Ideal choice for families Free hotel

pickup and drop-off included Private tour is operated with

just your party and a guide/driver Perfect introduction

for first-time visitors Canal City - Large shopping and

entertainment complex, calling itself a "city within the city".

Attractions include about 250 shops, cafes and restaurants,

a theater, game center, cinemas, two hotels and a canal

running through the complex.Fukuoka Tower - Standing

234 meters tall, Fukuoka Tower is far and away the city's

highest building. An observation deck is located at 123

meters from where visitors can get a good look of

the surrounding city and Hakata Bay.

※Lunch:Rikaen[set meal with grilled meat ]

※dinner Welcome party

3   Yanagawa sightseeing

lunch: Eel dish Yanagawa is a city located in Fukuoka

Prefecture, the city has an estimated population of

934.55 persons per km². A view of Yanagawa city.

Yanagawa is popular with Japanese tourists because

of its 470 km of wide canals. Yanagawa riverboats,

called "donkobune", are used to take tourists around

the city. In 1987 a video documentary was created

by Studio Ghibli about these canals and their restoration.

The Story of Yanagawa's Canals is widely available and

includes English subtitles. Yanagawa was originally

constructed in the mid-16th century by the Kamachi clan.

Before then, it had been a traditional farming village,

with the canals used for irrigation; Tanaka Yoshimasa

(Japanese:1548 - 1609) ordered the canals to be maintained

and built a castle in Yanagawa, which is still maintained today.

The modern city was founded on April 1, 1952.

Yanagawa is the birthplace of Kitahara Hakushu, a Meiji era

poet and writer of children's songs. An annual three-day

festival is held every November in Yanagawa complete

with poetry readings, fireworks, music, and a great number

of evening boat rides. During this festival, most activities begin

from Shimohyaku Town and center at the Hiyoshi Shinto Shrine.

In addition, Hakushu's birth house is located in Yanagawa and

open to the public for tours. The Yanagawa Municipal Folk

Museum is mainly dedicated to preservation of Hakushu-sensei's

works and memorabilia. During the months of March and April,

Yanagawa also plays host to a number of festivals,

most notably Hinamatsuri or Girls' Festival on March 3.

A great number of finely crafted Heian era styled dolls

are placed on display in a number of private homes,

shops, and businesses throughout the city. During this time,

a number of local citizens actually open up their homes

to the public, allowing people to come and see their elaborate

decorations and displays.

Lunch: Unagi no Seiro-mushi (eel steamed in a basket)

This dish has been loved as one

of the specialties of Yanagawa. More than ten restaurants

compete with each other over their own skills of grilling,

steaming, and seasoning methods.

Supper:Pork fried on a skewer

4   Bas Time  Fukuoka-Hita

Hot spring day trip Hita

Hita prospered as Tenryo

(direct controlled territory of Edo Shogunate)

during the Edo period (1603-1868). It is called "Little Kyoto",

and has old buildings standing in a row, even today,

near the hot spring resort. In Mameta town, you can enjoy

a stroll through the historic streets. And Hita is a town that

has been blessed with plentiful water for a long time,

and is called "Suikyo" (riverside district). Each of the hot

spring inns located around the bank of Mikuma River gives

a variety of unique ideas. Visitors at the hot spring can

enjoy dinner on a leisure boat and atch cormorant fishing

in summer. Hita hot spring is known as "spring for birth",

and is effective for neuralgia, recovering from fatigueand more.

Many ryokans (Japanese-style inns) in Hitarent out yukata

(Japanese summer kimonos) and geta

(Japanese sandals) to female guests. This service is

very popular because you can choose from among

various colors and prints.

Lunch: Local restaurant "chow mein"

Supper:Hot Spring Kizantei Inn:Cormorant fishing and

river dishcooking

Bas Time  Hita-Fukuoka

5   Karatsu, Itoshima area drive

lunch: Seafood

A once prosperous whaling base tha

t is now a pottery center. Strange-shaped rocks and

caves caused by waves. Karatsu and Yobuko, located

on the Higashi Matsu-ura-hanto Peninsula in the

northwestern part of Saga, have been prosperous

from ancient times as an important point for trade

with Mainland China. Karatsu, a part of Genkai

Quasi-National Park, has many scenic spots,

including Niji-no-Matsubara, stretching along the coast

and the Tategami-iwa Rocks and Nanatsu-gama carved

by the raging waves of the Sea of Genkai. Nanatsu-gama

is a cliff formed by the raging waves, and has a chain

of caves called Kaishoku-do at its base. Sightseeing

boats originating in Yobuko go around this area.

Karatsu is also noted for Karatsu-yaki pottery, and

has around 60 pottery studios in the city. Some of

pottery studios welcome visitors. Yobuko was once

prosperous as a whaling base. The watchtower for

whales and a memorial monument to captured whales

on Ogawa-shima Island are among the remnants of the

heyday of whaling. A well-known morning market is

held at Yobuko Port, which is crowded with regular-service

vessels and fishing boats. With the lights of fishing boats

flickering at night, it has a lively air typical of a fishing port.

A wide variety of fresh fish and dried fish are sold at

the morning market, and you can taste fresh delicacies

of the sea.

Lunch:「 Nagasakisou 」Fresh seafood Cooking

Karatsu Castile & The waterfall which is beautiful so as to look back

Karatsu Castle was built in 1608.

This castle is located facing the sea and is situated in the

northern part of Karatsu City. Karatsu Castle is also known

as Maizuru (Dancing Crane) Castle as it resembles the

figure of a bird with its wings spread wide as there is

a pine grove extending left to right and because its donjon

(tower keep) is thought to look like the head of a crane.

In spring, the 500 cherry trees and the Wisteria flowers

in Karatsu, designated a product of nature by the city,

are in full bloom.Karatsu Kunchi

Supper:Japanese Pub [Yamehonke ]

6  Dazaifu sightseeing

Dazaifu was established in the late 7th century and served

as the administrative center of the entire island of Kyushu

for over 500 years. The city was built slightly inland from

Hakata, whose port was one of the main points of interaction

between Japan and mainland Asia.

Although the imperial court ruled the country from the

Kansai Region, Dazaifu was pivotal for Japan's diplomatic

relations and organizing the country's defenses. Nowadays,

Dazaifu is a small, quiet city on the outskirts of the large city

of Fukuoka, from which it is perfect for a day trip.

There are a number of temples and shrines, the most famous

of which is the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, as well as sites

related to Dazaifu's role as the region's administrative center,

such as the Government Office Ruins. In 2005 the massive

Kyushu National Museum was opened to the public,

making a great new addition to the city's attractions.

Lunch:Japanese-French Style

Dinner: Good –by yakitori Party

7   free day action kome ※shoping Etc!


A.SayonaraDinner:JapaneseRestoran [Haretari Kumottari]

8   AM:Seeing off at Hotel Lobby

Please call this number for enquiries.

   E-mail:ph01@ontheday.co.jp  Tommy's World Tour




|カテゴリー:Tales of Kyushu Traveling
English Excursion 「Yame country」茶の国「八女」日帰り体験3コース
English Excursion Yame country
昼食付 IWC(インターナショナル・ワイン・チャレンジ)2013年の日本酒部門で
チャンピオン・サケを受賞した八女の 蔵元「喜多屋」杜氏の西尾さんから酒造りに

 会場:八女市本町「喜多屋」13:30-15:30 催行人員20名:係員同行 昼食付
●参加費用 6,000円

Trip to the country of the tea” Yame “ With "a story of a Kitaya chief
brewer wine for tasting" lunch adhering toI enjoy a wine cellar experience
and new kind of sampling while hearinga story concerning the sake brewing
from Mr.Nishio of the warehouseman"Origin of wine cellar Kitaya"
chief brewer of the Yame who won a championsake in a sake section of
IWC (international wine challenge) 2013.
●The date and time: A Saturday, November 30 8:00
 meeting place: Fukuoka-city hall front entrance Chuo Park side
bass is with pickup "Kitaya " 13:30 to 15:30  Number of positions: 20 & TC
●Participation expense 5,000 yen

●日時:11月3日(火),23日(祝) 2回開催※希望日をお選びください。
 ※当日1本限定お使いの包丁を研ぐサービス有! 催行人員4名: 
Trip to the country of the tea” Yame “
The making of MY kitchen knife" I learn it from the smithy-Kaji craftsman
until a fire polishing - grind, and one making My kitchen knife ,
please experience one's name in the world that carved a seal.
●The date and time: On Tuesday, November 12, on Saturday for
16 days 
※Please choose the hope day. A meeting place: Shiraki,
Tachibana-machi, Yame-shi "Morihiro smithy- kaji factory 9:30 to 16:00
Number of positions: 4
※Service existence to sharpen the kitchen knife of the one-limited
errand on that day!
●Participation expense (The local actual expenses) 12,000en.
※Prepare for :Lunch bringing & The clothes which may become dirty
The person who needs pre-day arrangement Please contact me

 会場:八女市上陽町下横山小熊福祉会尾久保研修所みんなの館 催行人員20名:
 係員同行 昼食付 持参:エプロン三角巾、タオル、ビニール手袋
●参加費用 7,000円

Trip to the country of the tea” Yame “ "Additive-free making of konjac
and a lot of love lunch" (jelly made from devil's-tongue starch konnyaku)
I enjoy the making of additive-free konjac from Fresh potato with
expert "Matsuzaki" made with konjac. Please, taste the lunch with
full of the love with local cooking to stew a native chicken, and to make.
|カテゴリー:Tales of Kyushu Traveling
Canyoning & Trekking BusTour from FUKUOKA !!
Canyoning & Trekking BusTour from FUKUOKA !!
Explorer Kagoshima  2Day Bus Tour!!

Sep13,14, 20,21, 10/11,12, 11/1,2Dep

This Trip Features
Trekking & Canyoning  

You can enjoy Trekking and Canyoning in "Kagoshima Osumi Peninsula" !
So, I have organized a two days trip to experience the great outdoors over
Fukuoka to Kagoshima Osumi Peninsula this time!

 <Highlight of the tour>
Trekking in the forest of eternity.
Local professional guide accompanies, and was selected to the forest
of 100 national election promenade
While enjoying the laurel forest
and babbling forest "Forest of eternity" of the Soo City 

We can enjoy trekking round-trip 7km there.

Black pig shabu-shabu
Kagoshima "black pig shabu-shabu" is excellent!
Local specialty restaurant sauce is made of "citron"
Taste of the black pig stands out strongly in the flavor of citron.

Canyoning in Sarugajou valley
Please enjoy the popular "canyoning" in Tarumizu!
Features of the valley is water clarity!
Because it is a valley of granite, water flowing has been cleansed.
In the pool of the flow of nature in surrender to a very fresh water.
Enjoy "purification canyoning"!

Sarugajou valley is one of Kagoshima Hyakkei
If you walk about 30 minutes in walking paths,you can meet
the majestic monolith called "floor of white porcelain."

Clear stream shine in emerald green, shower and water green
drenched exhilarating, f
eel like my heart is washed.
It heals the fatigue of everyday!

Facing the south of Sakurajima, Kinko Bay in (Kagoshima),
Tarumi City, the Osumi Peninsula and Kagoshima.

It is mportant base for connecting.
As the name suggests, water is rich in Tarumizu. From Takakumayama
Natural mineral hot spring water or the like that come and boiling
has been popular as a health drink. 

Takakumayama system is ideal such as canyoning of Sarugajyou valley,
also in leisure!
 show us the face a variety throughout the year.
"Hall ll enough hot water " Michinoeki tarumizu

Journey to Tour of the Osumi Peninsula, Meet Mother Nature.
If you like the outdoors, one that wants to be enjoy the summer
in the peer, the whole family

We are looking forward to your participation of many people!
A very happy journey in one night with five meals, and definitely! !
Moreover, happy special price 24,800 yen
Departure Day is only July 19 Saturday!!

 <Contact us>
TEL :092-725-9090
Leisure Plan travel information center
in Across FUKUOKA 3F
|カテゴリー:Tales of Kyushu Traveling
Intersted in Old Fukuoka?Join our one day bus trip to Hakata/Akizuki/kusano-machi 1day Trip 旧博多の町&草野町体験日帰りバス観光¥3,980

Intersted in Old Fukuoka? 旧博多の町+秋月&草野町体験

Join our one day bus trip to Hakata/Akizuki/kusano-machi


Fukuoka,in addition to its urban attractions, has many historical sightseeing spots.

This one day bus trip with a qualified English speaking
tour guide will take you to

the old Fukuoka -towns and pathways.

Please join and experience Fukuokas history and culture. Japanese, Visitors,

All welcome!


DEP: SEP 4th(Sun), SEP 18th(SUN)  ●Price: Only ¥3,980


Tochoji Temple: This is the oldest Buddhist Temple of
  the  SingonSect, founded

  by kobo-Daishi.known as kukai. It is also one of
  the largest wooden statues of sitting Buddha in Japan.

Kushida shrine: The famous hakata Gion Festival     
‘yamakasa'is ritually dedicated to this shrine.
  On the shrine yard, you can see ‘Hideyoshi's Hakata-bei
  and wish your long life at ‘Reisen-kaku-no-izumi’

hakata Machiya Folk Museum:This Museum is a restored
  Hakata-town house(machiya)
and recreates Hakata-town
  during the meiji and Taisho eras. The life style and

  culture of Hakata is introduced.

pathways of Kusano: Selected as one of the 500 most 
  beautiful roads in Japan.

  This area was a castle-town of the Kusano clan
  the middle Ages.

  1 day  Schedulle         

Dep:9:00TenjinAcros Fukuoka=Tochoji Temple---Ryuguji Temple/ kashimaRyokanhakata-machiya Folk Museum---Kushda Shrine=
 Fukuoka Urban EXP Way= Akizuki walking =
Wakatake Shuzo/
Sake Tasting= pathways of Kusano=
Kyushu Exop Way=
Tenjin Acros fukuoka17:30Ari

Schedulle may change due to traffic conditions.

ATT:Tour Conditions

Cancellation Free/
13-5days prior to the departure date --------50%

4days prior to the departure date /no show-- not refundable


Please, ask to the Leisure Plan Acros Fukuoka Travel Center
TEL092-725-9090   FAX092‐725-9050

|カテゴリー:Tales of Kyushu Traveling
Kyushu Roads “ going to HAKATA !” Hakata City version
Kyushu Roads “If you’re going to HAKATA ask the natives!” Hakata City version

■Hakata-city Journey(No fewer than 2 people)
Visit the old part of Hakata and the Modern part of Hakata-city! For 2 days

Departing Every Saturday
Hotel in Hakata/Fukuoka air port=Visit the Gion area「Origin of the city Hakata, leisurely visit sightseeing spots(along the way, taste the rice cakes of the Kushida shrine (the tutelary shrine for the town of Hakata).
「Jyou-ten temple」(established by Sya Kokumei at the end of the Heian era). Wheat noodles, buckwheat noodles, Manjyu-denrai (a bean-jam bun) )and Hakata fabrics areAll things related to the Hakata Yamagasa festival.

Syofuku-ji; a Buddhist Zen temple in the Hakata district of the Japanese city Fukuoka.
It was built in 1195 by the Rinzai-monk Eisai with the financial support of Minamoto no Yoritomo. It is therefore the oldest Zen-temple in Japan still existing today. A sign of Go-Toba-tenno at the temple reads “This is the first Zen-temple in Japan.” However, the first Zen-temple is thought to have been built by Hoon-ji in 1191.

Further cultural artifacts belonging to Shofuku-ji are personal articles of Eisai and Sengai, as well as a bronze bell from the Korean kingdom Goguryeo.

 「Kanda shrine」; The oldest shrine in Fukuoka City. Kushida Shrine is thought to have been founded in the year 757. People visit this shrine to pray for a long healthy life and business prosperity. The shrine also acts as the centre of the Yamagasa-festival (held here annually from July 1st - 15th.)) It acts as a festival float, and is a permanent display within the grounds to defy Michizane Sugawara, who once was a very sophisticated scholar.
(★There will be a souvenir from Hakata for each of you!★)

 You will be satisfied with our choice of dinner! We will organize a variety of fresh sea food! You can enjoy the Hakata sea food to your heart’s content. After this you will visit one of the famous Hakata stall districts - then the journey will be over; however you can stay in the city as much as you like.
 *Your accomondation will be the Hakata Tokyu Inn HOTEL.
After breakfast: A visit to the centre of Fukuoka city, Oohori Park, and Kuroda-castle. Take a stroll around the Akasaka〜Tenjin area. −Lunch will be in Ramen-city in Canal City - Taste the Halata Ramen!
Shopping in Canal city and then this whole journey will be over.

Please, ask Tominaga Mr.
|カテゴリー:Tales of Kyushu Traveling
The Fantastic Two Japanese Cookery Courses for Foreigners in Fukuoka, Japan

■ The Fantastic Two Japanese Cookery Courses for Foreigners in Fukuoka, Japan
■ Fantastic Two Japanese Cookery Courses for Foreigners in Fukuoka, Japan

We offers Two Japanese Cookery Courses for Foreigners in Fukuoka, Japan.
* One-day Introductory experience course for foreigners.
* Professional Japanese cooking training course for foreigners.

A. The contents of 'One-day Introductory experience course for foreigners'
This lecture is for a introduction for Japanese cookery, so foreign tourists also attend this course.

The itinerary of the lecture is that you learn the cooking in the morning, and have them for a lunch. Then, you can take the recipe and cook them at home.
Lecture examples; (Nigiri) Sushi, Akadasi, Tempura, Kobachi and etc.
Lecture contents; 10:00 to 13:00 practical training and tasting

to be issued the certification for a one-day lecture
Memorial photo-shot with special Japanese cook uniform
Present; the recipe with dish-up snap photo

As for the menus, anything will be acceptable; sushi (makimono, bara-zushi), sukiyaki, yakimono, nimono, udon, etc.
We would like to make this opportunity much more enjoyable lecture attracting costumers and following their needs.

B. Professional Japanese cooking training course for foreigners.
This lecture is for the foreign person who:
* are interested in Japanese foods

* want to learn about Japanese foods
* want to begin to run Japanese foods restaurant, or work
* want to have some Japanese foods lessons
Duration: 1week - 1month
The contents: this is a lecture that you can find overseas business chance.
* a course for sushi
* a course for traditional Japanese foods Intensive
* a course for super specialized intensive for Japanese foods
- Further details will be decided in near future -

Can be issued the certification for completing this course
Can learn with small numbers of participants
Can have some lessons at kitchen and small meal
Can be advertised in a market, any other silver ware shops etc

We will inform you of more details later.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Superintend: Food Professional Academy  Eurocentres Fukuoka


|カテゴリー:Tales of Kyushu Traveling
Kyusyu Roads “ going to Chikushi Region”
Kyusyu Roads “If you are going to Chikushi ask the natives!” Chikushi area version

■Chikushino journey for 2days

Visit the ancient history trail; including the historical monument and the historical spots…

●Departing every Saturday 28,000yen
Your itinerary (No fewer than 2 poeple)
Hakata station/Fukuoka air port/hotels in the city then start!=Tofuro-station
「Tofuro・Dazaifupublic Seicyo-ato- used to be the public office in the city in olden times.」
From the Nara era to the Heian era, the place flourished with magnificent buildings; however, in 980, most of them were destroyed by fire during the war caused by Fujiwara Sumitomo. However one can still be impressed by the trace of such buildings.
「Kansenon-temple」 This historical building, that appears in the tale of Genji, is really a temple among temples in the Kyusyu area. The major parts of the temple still remain as they were hundreds of years ago. There is also a Bonsyou, the oldest Japanese Shintoist (a religion) bell remaining in Japan…
*Tea time『 Green tea with the speciality Umegae-mochi(a very popular rice cake in this area).』

Dazaifu Tenmangu : the theme of this temple is to defy Sugawara Michizane from the Heian era, who once was a very sophisticated scholar. There will be a nature road and a historical spot. From the train station to the approach to a shrine, there are many shops selling temple wares and food, including Umegae-mochi.
In Dazaifu Tenmangu there are a variety of flowers, such as plum tree blossoms, Camphor Laurel and irises; and you can enjoy the different flowers of different seasons.
*Lunch will be taken individually.
(★there will be a souvenir from Hakata for each of you!★)

「Kyusyu National Museum」=Go back to Tenjin by train to your hotel.
Dinner will be the Hakata’s specialty Motu-Nabe or Mizutaki. This is a hot pot (nabe) filled with soup (made from soy sauce with garlic and chilli pepper, or miso) and prepared beef or pork offal; boiled for a while with cabbage, garlic and chives and served in the pot. You will love it! After dinner you will visit the strand in Hakata.
Your accommodation will be:Hakata tokyu-Inn Hotel
After breakfast、Experience the Hakata Onsen.
Lunch(Hakata fresh sea food). Then the journey is over.

about 「Dazaifu History]
Dazaifu Tenmangu is a shrine built over the grave of Michizane Sugawara venerated by the Japanese throughout the country as the Tenman-Tenjin (the deified spirit of Michizane), or the God of literature or calligraphy.
Michizane, who had been a high-ranking government officer, was demoted because of the slander and political chicanery of his rivals, the Fujiwara clan.

He endured a life of extreme hardship and misery in exile at Dazaifu, yet preserved his character continuing his scholarly studies and never developing the hatred for those who had exiled him. He died in 903 at the age of 59.
His funeral procession was a melancholy occasion, attended only by his faithful follower Yasuyuki Umasake and a few neighbors. The coffin was carried on a cow carriage led by Yasuyuki, according to the legend the ox suddenly came to a halt and refused to budge despite threats and entreaties. The burial therefore took place on the spot, and this became the site of the Tenmangu's main shrine visited today by so many admirers.
Michizane is celebrated as a man, pure in heart and deed, and after his death he was deified and worshipped as a God.

There are approximately 6,000 plum trees of 197 varieties in the vicinity of Tenmangu, reflecting Michizane's lifelong affection and regard for the trees and their blossoms.
Perhaps the most famous is the one to the right of HONDEN (main shrine). Known as TOBIUME (the flying plum tree), legend has it that after Michizane left Kyoto for a life in exile, this particular tree yearned so much for him that, uprooting himself, it flew to reunite with him in Dazaifu.
In early January each year, TOBIUME is always the very first tree to blossom, and the thousands of other trees quickly follow, producing an incredible sight when the Tenmangu is covered in small pink and white flowers.

Please, ask Tominaga Mr.

|カテゴリー:Tales of Kyushu Traveling
Kyushu Roads “If you’re going to Yanagawa ask the natives!” Yanagawa City version
Kyushu Roads “If you’re going to Yanagawa ask the natives!” Yanagawa City version

■Day trip in Yanagawa-city: Wander through the fields and lanes in the city area. From Fukuoka central Nishitetsu station by Omuta Line Express: 48 min.
Yanagawa flourished in the old age and has seen beautiful white walls and old buildings. It is also known as the birthplace of the great poet Kitahara Hakusyu who has written quite a few heartwarming poems and nursery rhymes in this city. His poems remind us all of the great earlier times that can always be cherished.
Known also for its beautiful natural river, one can see fascinating sights along the banks. The river Cruise, which is known as Kawakudari is a popular amusement in this city.(low flat boats powered by men with poles) and that take you leisurely past flowering plants, weeping willows and historic buildings.
When the great poet Kitahara Hakusyu was alive he used to go to elementary school along a small road and one can go back to the past when he was happily walking on the road as a child.
There are many eel restaurants and eel is one of the specialties of the city. If you like to travel on a budget, steamed or boiled eel baskets would be nice to try! If you would like to try one of the most popular lunches in Yanagawa, OHANA would be the one!
If you have free time, why not visit the Chubu district Fish Market? You would be able to buy all kinds of seafood (such as dried fish) from the Ariake Sea!

●April〜September everyday departure
The fare is 10,000yen with a Tour Guide (this tour will only take place with 2 or more people). An English speaking guide will be available if required.
●Your itinerary
Pick up service around Tenjin or Hakata station area at 9:00am…Nishitetsu Tenjin station ++48min++Yanagawa…25min Shinsyo Temple…Cyomei Temple…Namikura –taste Miso soup! Namikura is one of the oldest Miso making place in Yanagawa city! 8min…Abekku road…Ryujyo Park
19min…the road of Hakusyu 25min…Wakamatsuya (the popular eel shop) 8min…The Tachibana-Tei Ohana〜River cruise 60min〜…Nishitetsu Yanagawa ++48min++Tenjin Fukuoka arrival -free

※The tour fare includes:
Express Nishitetsu line train return tickets、the entrance fee for Hakusyu birth-place, Ohana, and the river boat cruise, lunch (the special steamed turnip and eel in amber sauce)、Guide fee for 8 hours.
Note:If you would like to have lunch in OHANA, then please add 10,000yen.

Please, ask Emi Tanaka.
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Kyushu Roads“ going to Akizuki ”Asakura
Kyushu Roads “If you’re going to Akizuki ask the natives!” Asakura City version

■spring&Summer vacation special offer:
In cooperation with: Asakura City Tour Association, Akizuki Kouminkan, Takaki Seiryukan, Asakura Sightseeing Bus Company

Experience Food, History, Culture and Nature!!
● Period (Jan〜Sep)
Adult fare: 3,500 yen, Child: 3,000 yen
●Itinerary(No fewer than two people)
Depart from Tenjin 10:00/Hakata Station/Fukuoka Airport
Relax at a cool river – Rest at Dango Iori – Lunch in Akizuki (individual) & investigate Akizuki’s history (wander Akizuki’s ancient ruins while the guide explains) –
Option 1 - Play in the heart of the mountain, in a rambling brook near Sada 1000yen (2 hours)
Option 2 – Make your own soba! 1000yen (incl. ingredients 2 hours)
Enjoy eating your handmade noodles!
- Futsukaichi – Fukuoka Airport/Hakata Station/Arrive in Tenjin 19:00 (approx.)
You can also visit the KIRIN beer factory and enjoy the fresh beer later in Takaki SeiryuKan.

Please, ask Tominaga Mr.

|カテゴリー:Tales of Kyushu Traveling