Intersted in Old Fukuoka?Join our one day bus trip to Hakata/Akizuki/kusano-machi 1day Trip 旧博多の町&草野町体験日帰りバス観光¥3,980

Intersted in Old Fukuoka? 旧博多の町+秋月&草野町体験

Join our one day bus trip to Hakata/Akizuki/kusano-machi


Fukuoka,in addition to its urban attractions, has many historical sightseeing spots.

This one day bus trip with a qualified English speaking
tour guide will take you to

the old Fukuoka -towns and pathways.

Please join and experience Fukuokas history and culture. Japanese, Visitors,

All welcome!


DEP: SEP 4th(Sun), SEP 18th(SUN)  ●Price: Only ¥3,980


Tochoji Temple: This is the oldest Buddhist Temple of
  the  SingonSect, founded

  by kobo-Daishi.known as kukai. It is also one of
  the largest wooden statues of sitting Buddha in Japan.

Kushida shrine: The famous hakata Gion Festival     
‘yamakasa'is ritually dedicated to this shrine.
  On the shrine yard, you can see ‘Hideyoshi's Hakata-bei
  and wish your long life at ‘Reisen-kaku-no-izumi’

hakata Machiya Folk Museum:This Museum is a restored
  Hakata-town house(machiya)
and recreates Hakata-town
  during the meiji and Taisho eras. The life style and

  culture of Hakata is introduced.

pathways of Kusano: Selected as one of the 500 most 
  beautiful roads in Japan.

  This area was a castle-town of the Kusano clan
  the middle Ages.

  1 day  Schedulle         

Dep:9:00TenjinAcros Fukuoka=Tochoji Temple---Ryuguji Temple/ kashimaRyokanhakata-machiya Folk Museum---Kushda Shrine=
 Fukuoka Urban EXP Way= Akizuki walking =
Wakatake Shuzo/
Sake Tasting= pathways of Kusano=
Kyushu Exop Way=
Tenjin Acros fukuoka17:30Ari

Schedulle may change due to traffic conditions.

ATT:Tour Conditions

Cancellation Free/
13-5days prior to the departure date --------50%

4days prior to the departure date /no show-- not refundable


Please, ask to the Leisure Plan Acros Fukuoka Travel Center
TEL092-725-9090   FAX092‐725-9050

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