Kyusyu Roads “ going to Chikushi Region”
Kyusyu Roads “If you are going to Chikushi ask the natives!” Chikushi area version

■Chikushino journey for 2days

Visit the ancient history trail; including the historical monument and the historical spots…

●Departing every Saturday 28,000yen
Your itinerary (No fewer than 2 poeple)
Hakata station/Fukuoka air port/hotels in the city then start!=Tofuro-station
「Tofuro・Dazaifupublic Seicyo-ato- used to be the public office in the city in olden times.」
From the Nara era to the Heian era, the place flourished with magnificent buildings; however, in 980, most of them were destroyed by fire during the war caused by Fujiwara Sumitomo. However one can still be impressed by the trace of such buildings.
「Kansenon-temple」 This historical building, that appears in the tale of Genji, is really a temple among temples in the Kyusyu area. The major parts of the temple still remain as they were hundreds of years ago. There is also a Bonsyou, the oldest Japanese Shintoist (a religion) bell remaining in Japan…
*Tea time『 Green tea with the speciality Umegae-mochi(a very popular rice cake in this area).』

Dazaifu Tenmangu : the theme of this temple is to defy Sugawara Michizane from the Heian era, who once was a very sophisticated scholar. There will be a nature road and a historical spot. From the train station to the approach to a shrine, there are many shops selling temple wares and food, including Umegae-mochi.
In Dazaifu Tenmangu there are a variety of flowers, such as plum tree blossoms, Camphor Laurel and irises; and you can enjoy the different flowers of different seasons.
*Lunch will be taken individually.
(★there will be a souvenir from Hakata for each of you!★)

「Kyusyu National Museum」=Go back to Tenjin by train to your hotel.
Dinner will be the Hakata’s specialty Motu-Nabe or Mizutaki. This is a hot pot (nabe) filled with soup (made from soy sauce with garlic and chilli pepper, or miso) and prepared beef or pork offal; boiled for a while with cabbage, garlic and chives and served in the pot. You will love it! After dinner you will visit the strand in Hakata.
Your accommodation will be:Hakata tokyu-Inn Hotel
After breakfast、Experience the Hakata Onsen.
Lunch(Hakata fresh sea food). Then the journey is over.

about 「Dazaifu History]
Dazaifu Tenmangu is a shrine built over the grave of Michizane Sugawara venerated by the Japanese throughout the country as the Tenman-Tenjin (the deified spirit of Michizane), or the God of literature or calligraphy.
Michizane, who had been a high-ranking government officer, was demoted because of the slander and political chicanery of his rivals, the Fujiwara clan.

He endured a life of extreme hardship and misery in exile at Dazaifu, yet preserved his character continuing his scholarly studies and never developing the hatred for those who had exiled him. He died in 903 at the age of 59.
His funeral procession was a melancholy occasion, attended only by his faithful follower Yasuyuki Umasake and a few neighbors. The coffin was carried on a cow carriage led by Yasuyuki, according to the legend the ox suddenly came to a halt and refused to budge despite threats and entreaties. The burial therefore took place on the spot, and this became the site of the Tenmangu's main shrine visited today by so many admirers.
Michizane is celebrated as a man, pure in heart and deed, and after his death he was deified and worshipped as a God.

There are approximately 6,000 plum trees of 197 varieties in the vicinity of Tenmangu, reflecting Michizane's lifelong affection and regard for the trees and their blossoms.
Perhaps the most famous is the one to the right of HONDEN (main shrine). Known as TOBIUME (the flying plum tree), legend has it that after Michizane left Kyoto for a life in exile, this particular tree yearned so much for him that, uprooting himself, it flew to reunite with him in Dazaifu.
In early January each year, TOBIUME is always the very first tree to blossom, and the thousands of other trees quickly follow, producing an incredible sight when the Tenmangu is covered in small pink and white flowers.

Please, ask Tominaga Mr.

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