Canyoning & Trekking BusTour from FUKUOKA !!
Canyoning & Trekking BusTour from FUKUOKA !!
Explorer Kagoshima  2Day Bus Tour!!

Sep13,14, 20,21, 10/11,12, 11/1,2Dep

This Trip Features
Trekking & Canyoning  

You can enjoy Trekking and Canyoning in "Kagoshima Osumi Peninsula" !
So, I have organized a two days trip to experience the great outdoors over
Fukuoka to Kagoshima Osumi Peninsula this time!

 <Highlight of the tour>
Trekking in the forest of eternity.
Local professional guide accompanies, and was selected to the forest
of 100 national election promenade
While enjoying the laurel forest
and babbling forest "Forest of eternity" of the Soo City 

We can enjoy trekking round-trip 7km there.

Black pig shabu-shabu
Kagoshima "black pig shabu-shabu" is excellent!
Local specialty restaurant sauce is made of "citron"
Taste of the black pig stands out strongly in the flavor of citron.

Canyoning in Sarugajou valley
Please enjoy the popular "canyoning" in Tarumizu!
Features of the valley is water clarity!
Because it is a valley of granite, water flowing has been cleansed.
In the pool of the flow of nature in surrender to a very fresh water.
Enjoy "purification canyoning"!

Sarugajou valley is one of Kagoshima Hyakkei
If you walk about 30 minutes in walking paths,you can meet
the majestic monolith called "floor of white porcelain."

Clear stream shine in emerald green, shower and water green
drenched exhilarating, f
eel like my heart is washed.
It heals the fatigue of everyday!

Facing the south of Sakurajima, Kinko Bay in (Kagoshima),
Tarumi City, the Osumi Peninsula and Kagoshima.

It is mportant base for connecting.
As the name suggests, water is rich in Tarumizu. From Takakumayama
Natural mineral hot spring water or the like that come and boiling
has been popular as a health drink. 

Takakumayama system is ideal such as canyoning of Sarugajyou valley,
also in leisure!
 show us the face a variety throughout the year.
"Hall ll enough hot water " Michinoeki tarumizu

Journey to Tour of the Osumi Peninsula, Meet Mother Nature.
If you like the outdoors, one that wants to be enjoy the summer
in the peer, the whole family

We are looking forward to your participation of many people!
A very happy journey in one night with five meals, and definitely! !
Moreover, happy special price 24,800 yen
Departure Day is only July 19 Saturday!!

 <Contact us>
TEL :092-725-9090
Leisure Plan travel information center
in Across FUKUOKA 3F
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