Kyushu Roads “ going to HAKATA !” Hakata City version
Kyushu Roads “If you’re going to HAKATA ask the natives!” Hakata City version

■Hakata-city Journey(No fewer than 2 people)
Visit the old part of Hakata and the Modern part of Hakata-city! For 2 days

Departing Every Saturday
Hotel in Hakata/Fukuoka air port=Visit the Gion area「Origin of the city Hakata, leisurely visit sightseeing spots(along the way, taste the rice cakes of the Kushida shrine (the tutelary shrine for the town of Hakata).
「Jyou-ten temple」(established by Sya Kokumei at the end of the Heian era). Wheat noodles, buckwheat noodles, Manjyu-denrai (a bean-jam bun) )and Hakata fabrics areAll things related to the Hakata Yamagasa festival.

Syofuku-ji; a Buddhist Zen temple in the Hakata district of the Japanese city Fukuoka.
It was built in 1195 by the Rinzai-monk Eisai with the financial support of Minamoto no Yoritomo. It is therefore the oldest Zen-temple in Japan still existing today. A sign of Go-Toba-tenno at the temple reads “This is the first Zen-temple in Japan.” However, the first Zen-temple is thought to have been built by Hoon-ji in 1191.

Further cultural artifacts belonging to Shofuku-ji are personal articles of Eisai and Sengai, as well as a bronze bell from the Korean kingdom Goguryeo.

 「Kanda shrine」; The oldest shrine in Fukuoka City. Kushida Shrine is thought to have been founded in the year 757. People visit this shrine to pray for a long healthy life and business prosperity. The shrine also acts as the centre of the Yamagasa-festival (held here annually from July 1st - 15th.)) It acts as a festival float, and is a permanent display within the grounds to defy Michizane Sugawara, who once was a very sophisticated scholar.
(★There will be a souvenir from Hakata for each of you!★)

 You will be satisfied with our choice of dinner! We will organize a variety of fresh sea food! You can enjoy the Hakata sea food to your heart’s content. After this you will visit one of the famous Hakata stall districts - then the journey will be over; however you can stay in the city as much as you like.
 *Your accomondation will be the Hakata Tokyu Inn HOTEL.
After breakfast: A visit to the centre of Fukuoka city, Oohori Park, and Kuroda-castle. Take a stroll around the Akasaka〜Tenjin area. −Lunch will be in Ramen-city in Canal City - Taste the Halata Ramen!
Shopping in Canal city and then this whole journey will be over.

Please, ask Tominaga Mr.
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